Automatic storage systems - the future of intralogistics with HÖRMANN Intralogistics

Dynamic markets demand efficient warehousing and logistics strategies. Automated warehouse systems ensure highest availability, better use of space, higher productivity and inventory accuracy, lower operating costs, and sequence-accurate goods provision.

Whether automated high-bay warehouses, tray warehouses, innovative small parts warehouses like AutoStore® or picking and conveying systems, HÖRMANN Intralogistics implements high-performance, scalable and space-optimised automated warehouse solutions as general contractor.

Depending on the material flow, space and load requirements, we design and implement storage systems with varying degrees of automation. With its in-house developed HiLIS (HÖRMANN intra Logistics System) warehouse management system, HÖRMANN Intralogistics offers fully integrated WMS solutions for high-availability intralogistics and production systems. Developed in-house for over 30 years, our HiLIS smart software product is flexible, modular and scalable, making it ideal for use in a wide range of industrial sectors. The software can operate with all ERP, production and shipping systems.

This permits flexible control, monitoring and analysis of all functional areas.

This in turn ensures the greatest possible logistics process transparency, in addition to maximum warehouse performance and availability.

What makes our automatic storage different?

Our innovative warehouse systems are fully automated and are the core function of the entire material flow process. The difference is that it is controlled, optimzed and monitored by our smart HiLIS WMS software.

This reduces staff requirements and, above all, saves space. Because space is one of the biggest drivers of cost in logistics.

We design and install a wide range storage and material flow systems, from AutoStore®, our classic small parts and tray storage system, to high-bay warehouses and paper roll storage systems. Based on customer requirements, we can customise the degree of automation, and so develop storage systems optimised for every need.

  • Dynamic connection to our HiLIS in-house warehouse management system
  • Error-free picking by AI-powered platforms
  • Compact warehouse solutions, like the fully modular AutoStore® system
  • Tailored concepts from micro-fulfillment to logistics centres
  • Complete concepts for the individual requirements of all industrial sectors

What advantages do our automated storage solutions offer?

For a company, automated storage systems ensure higher productivity, lower costs, lower error rates and increased safety. Automatic transport prevents most kinds of damage to stored goods. This is a significant factor when it comes to being competitive. Other warehouse processes can be adapted and optimised accordingly through automation, saving a lot of time, cost and effort.

The advantages of automated warehouse systems at a glance:

  • More efficient operating and production processes
  • Lower long-term storage and process costs
  • Higher process and inventory reliability
  • Lower error rates

Automated warehouse in different variants

Automated warehouses work according to the goods-to-person principle. Stored goods are requested by the warehouse management system in the automated warehouse and transported directly to the staff at the pick point. According to your specific needs, we can develop professional warehouse systems with different levels of automation to find the perfect solution.


Warehouse systems control by HiLIS - our high performance Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Regardless of the type of warehouse system installed - the HiLIS high-performance warehouse management system permits efficient warehouse management and control of complex logistic systems.

Tailored directly to the customer's individual requirements, HiLIS guarantees the highest level of transparency and flexibility. Combining the HiLIS WMS with HÖRMANN Intralogistics automated warehouse systems has effectively redesigned the future of warehouse logistics.

The advantages of HiLIS at a glance:

  • Intelligent, dynamic strategies
  • Complete process integration
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Highest flexibility
  • Transparency and security
  • User-friendly GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces)
  • Scalable and future-proof
  • Long-term support and investment security


Automatic high-bay warehouses - compact, efficient & highly available

Where goods need to be stored compactly in a limited space, automatic high-bay warehouses are ideal. High bay storage systems can efficiently implement fully automated load unit storage and retrieval, as well as shipping readiness. Whether for pallets, steel racks, rolls, or stacks - goods and merchandise of the most varied weights and dimensions can be stored saving space and rapidly distributed.


Flexible, customised system for automatic small parts storage

For small-format or delicate storage items, we develop specifically tailored automatic small parts storage systems for use with plastic bins or boxes, able to handle a wide range of sizes. If required, the storage solution can be extended to include automatic production connection, shipping buffers or picking stations. For an all-round logistics solution, innovative shuttle systems can also be used.


Trays for gentle, damage-free storage

In a tray storage system, different storage units can be combined and stored on trays, i.e. loading aids specifically sized  depending on the type of application. To make picking easier for staff, the goods are stored flat on a tray and not stacked. We use high-quality steel or plastic trays, which can be combined with appropriate inlays depending on the requirements – enabling gentle, damage-free storage.

»Warehouse and picking staff are supported by state-of-the-art technology, like pick-by-light, put-to-light or pick-by-voice.»

AutoStore® - innovative small parts storage and picking

As part of its small parts warehouses operations, HÖRMANN Intralogistics works as official distributor of the cutting-edge, innovative AutoStore® storage system. This system automatically store small parts in special plastic bins and feeds them to the ports for picking - for greater efficiency and higher productivity. Compared to conventional automatic small parts warehouses (AS/RS), AutoStore® offers a compact solution that dispenses with both shelving and aisles. This reduces the space requirement by up to 75% compared to conventional miniload systems.

The bins are stacked directly on top of each other on the warehouse floor, with a track system (grid) mounted above the bin stacks. High-speed robots travel on the grid, picking up the containers, sorting them and delivering them to the required ports - the storage or picking workstations. The number of robots and workstations - and so the throughput - can be adapted to the meet the specific requirements.


Picking systems and conveyor systems - for higher throughput

To take full advantage of dynamic, fully automated processes, we professionally integrate a variety of picking technologies.

Whether pick-by-light, pick-by-voice, put-to-light, pick-by-vision or pick-by-robot - combining state-of-the-art technologies effectively increases the productivity of any warehouse solution.

This is the future of warehouse logistics.

To optimise throughput, state-of-the-art conveyor systems can be used. Among other things, we offer high-quality conveyor technology for pallets, mesh pallets, rolls, lumber packages and corrugated board stacks, for bins or boxes, trays, workpiece carriers and many other formats.


Direct, delicate access for automatic paper roll storage

HÖRMANN Intralogistics paper roll storage systems allow for gentle storage, delicate handling and direct access to paper and film rolls. The special high-bay storage systems give maximum flexibility for the various load units and roll weights.

If necessary the storage height of our paper roll storage systems can reach over 40 meters.

Pick-by-Robot - Customised Picking by Artificial Intelligence

High productivity, low operating costs and uncomplicated commissioning - with our partner Robominds we’ve developed a modular process intelligence platform that enables absolutely error-free picking. State-of-the-art hardware components and software modules combine to create a unique system for customised pick-by-robot.

The robobrain® solution is just one of the many applications that can be optimally applied to an AutoStore® system.


Micro-fulfilment solutions

Micro-fulfilment is the logistics concept of the future. It uses small, automated warehouses that can be located close to end-customers. By avoiding the "last mile", it’s now possible to meet today's customer expectations and the demand for absolute product availability and same day delivery. It also saves space, an increasingly important factor, not least as costs in urban centres continue to rise.

This can be achieved with fully automated AutoStore® systems. High volume utilisation and dynamics save space and time, while the modular design can be easily integrated into existing concepts and allows, among other things, for mixed use - e.g., mail order picking, click & collect, and a manned warehouse for in-store fulfilment all-in-one.

Automated Storage Systems –the High Performance Experience

With our creative warehouse and conveyor technology concepts, we realise customised intralogistics systems for all requirements, whether for partially or for fully automated warehouses. Operating as general contractor, we take overall responsibility for the implementation of complex warehouse systems.

Whether for completely new systems or modernising existing warehouse systems even during active active operations - with years of experience we ensure the highest productivity and economic efficiency.

HÖRMANN Intralogistics plans and implements the custom designed, efficient solutions for your automated intralogistics.