Our HiLIS WMS is the core of the automatic or manual intralogistics process control system in the solutions we develop for customers, in our role as full service provider of custom intralogistics solutions. It's a high-performance software suite capable of mapping any process important to your intralogistics flows. As the central brain of the warehouse, HiLIS manages, controls and optimises both material and data flows.

HiLIS clearly displays all data on the user interface of your choice - whether it be  a classic PC workstation or a mobile device. Our Warehouse Management System can even optimise, control and monitor complex customer-specific logistics processes. Moreover, its modular structure allows for custom adaptations to your specific needs, offering maximum flexibility and investment security.

    The advantages of HiLIS offers:

    • Flexible connection to any ERP and production systems
    • All WMS functions
    • Solution specific to AutoStore® systems: the HiLIS AS
    • Imaging on mobile devices
    • Clear and ergonomic dashboard
    • Material flow control and monitoring
    • PLC system integration
    • Visualisation
    • Maximum plant availability and flexibility
    • Transparency and safety
    • Scalable and future-proof
    • Energy optimisation
    HÖRMANN Intralogistics - HilIs WMS
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    HiLIS Warehouse Management System

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    »Especially for our employees, HiLIS offers a great increase in productivity with the mapping of our picking processes on pick-by-voice terminals.«


    »HiLIS was easily adapted to our warehouse expansions and new internal processes. The HiLIS dashboard helps us continuously optimize our logistics processes.«


    What is HiLIS?

    A warehouse management system, or WMS for short, is software that automatically manages, controls and comprehensively maps all the processes of a warehouse and picking system, from goods receipt (or production connection) to goods dispatch.

    HÖRMANN Intralogistics - HilIS WMS
    HÖRMANN Intralogistics - Pannon Software

    Our Partner

    We work with our partner HÖRMANN Pannon Software GmbH in Budapest, Hungary on the ongoing development of the HiLIS system. The company was founded in 1997 specialising in the planning and deployment of customer-specific software systems, from concept to commissioning and after-sales support.

    The focus is always on the optimization of logistics, automation and production support systems.

    High Performance, Ergonomic User Interfaces.

    HiLIS is the ideal system for high-performance, flexible warehouse management. It centrally maps all subareas of your intralogistics from goods receipt to goods dispatch, optimising system coordination without media or interface inerruptions.

    One of the most important aspects is that processes are not only controlled automatically with the option to intervene manually, but can also be optimally supervised by the warehouse staff.

    In developing the user interface, as a provider of turnkey solutions we’ve exploited all aspects of our warehouse management system expertise. Intuitive, ergonomic operation, in addition to displays on attractive user interfaces, are fundamental prerequisities for frictionless, transparent processes.


    all you need to know about our hilis wms

    »With HiLIS, we offer our customers a flexible, proven and future-proof warehouse management system for customised mapping and optimisation of individual intralogistics processes.«

    HÖRMANN Intralogistics

    Your HiLIS full-service provider - HÖRMANN Intralogistics

    HÖRMANN Intralogistics is general contractor for all areas related to intralogistics. We continuously incorporate our comprehensive know-how and decades of experience in intralogistics into the development of our HiLIS-WMS.

    Thanks to its modular, flexible structure and release-capable software architecture, HiLIS can be expanded at any time as your company grows, and quickly adapt to changing business processes. In other words, it’s a modern, flexible and investment-proof solution for you and your company.

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    Product details

    HiLIS Warehouse Management Functions

    • Warehouse and inventory management
    • Master control
    • Goods receipt and putaway
    • Order control
    • Replenishment and production supply processes
    • Picking
    • Consolidation and packing
    • Shipping control
    • Inventory
    • Key performance indicators and reporting
    • Material flow control

    HiLIS Storage management

    • Fully automated warehouse systems management (HRL, AKL, AutoStore®...)
    • Manually operated storage area management: Person-to-goods picking warehouses, block warehouses, shelf warehouses, long goods / paternoster warehouses, etc.
    • Storage zones division
    • Chaotic and fixed storage space management, multi-deep
    • Compartment and field load monitoring
    • Capacity calculations and optimisation
    • Multiple site management

    HiLIS Inventory management

    • Inventory management by item, item group, batch, QA status, BBD, remaining shelf life, loading aids, etc.
    • Multi-level, segmented load unit mapping
    • Flexibly combinable FIFO / LIFO / FEFO  inventory management principles
    • Automatic replenishment processes
    • Set / kit item structures and parts list management
    • Labelling and printing process management
    • Serial number management
    • Client capable
    • Flawless traceability of all bookings and material movements, long-term archiving

    HiLIS Inventory management

    • Revenue from external and internal goods receipts
    • Evaluation from ERP systems, production systems, external supplier systems
    • Repacking and formation of loading units, at stationary and mobile workstations
    • Additional storage and compaction
    • Automatic warehouses: automatic identification and storage of loading units
    • Manual warehouses: complete process mapping from collection to putaway
    • Automatic destination warehouse assignment by HiLIS
    • Plausibility checks (weight, dimensions, load carriers)
    • Reporting of goods receipts including under- / over-delivery
    • Control of QA inspection, clarification and release processes incl. photo documentation
    • Flawless traceability of all bookings and material movements, archiving possible for years

    Opening day control HiLIS

    • Global order management
    • Processing of external and internal order types
    • Control of order priorities and rush orders
    • Processing of orders according to staging times
    • Sequenced retrieval and picking
    • Control, synchronization and monitoring of transfer orders
      • in all automatic warehouses and manual storage areas
      • AGV / AMR, forklifts, tugger trains, ...
      • Way optimization

    Manual picking

    • Goods-to-person
    • Person-to-goods
    • Serial / parallel picking
    • Multi-level picking
    • Multi-order picking
    • Batch picking
    • Negative picking
    • Supported (mobile) picking technologies.
      • Pick-by-Voice, Pick-by-Vision, Pick-by-Light
      • Put-to-Light
      • MDE, tablets, forklift terminals...

    Supply and disposal of production areas

    • Interface connection to production systems
    • JIT and JIS production control/supply to KANBAN warehouses
    • Supply and process control of tugger trains
    • Possible integration of production processes in HiLIS

    Supply and disposal of production areas

    • Interface connection to production systems
    • JIT and JIS production control/supply to KANBAN warehouses
    • Supply and process control of tugger trains
    • Integration of production processes in HiLIS possible

    Consolidation and packaging

    • Time- and status-controlled consolidation of order shares from different warehouse areas
    • Cross-docking
    • Process control in consolidation zones
    • Mapping of all packing and shipping processes
    • Calculation and application of volume-optimised packing schemes
    • Packing instructions management
    • Document printing (delivery bills, packing lists, accompanying documents, etc.)
    • Shipping label printing, connection to shipping systems


    • Permanent inventory
    • Zero-crossing inventory
    • On-the-fly inventory discrepancy correction
    • Near-zero inventory
    • Inventory by item
    • Inventory by key date
    • Ad-hoc reporting of inventory corrections and inventory results to the ERP system
    • HiLIS - ERP system inventory reconciliation
    • Inventory list creation and editing
    • Connection to external inventory systems

    Systems engineering

    • HiLIS application server operating system: Microsoft Windows Server
    • Database: Oracle
    • Programming language: JAVA
    • Connection to all ERP, production and shipping systems via flexible interface modules
    • Integration of all mobile terminals (MDE, forklift terminals, tablets, pick-by-voice, pick-by-vision etc.)
    • Connectivity for "Industry 4.0" use cases such as predictive maintenance supported via standardised interfaces such as OPC/UA

    PLC control engineering

    • Communication with intelligent peripherals (Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet, OPC UA)
    • Communication with actuators / sensors (AS-i technology, Profinet)
    • Regular positioning with BPS, laser, camera system
    • Continuous data tracking and runtime monitoring
    • S7-1500 / 300 control system for materials handling and stacker cranes
    • Step 7 / TIA framework for PLC programming
    • System visualisation (SCADA)
    HÖRMANN Intralogistics - HiLIS WMS
    HiLIS on mobile devices
    HÖRMANN Intralogistics - HiLIS WMS
    HiLIS on mobile devices
    HÖRMANN Intralogistics - HiLIS WMS
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    HÖRMANN Intralogistics - HiLIS WMS
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