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Together with our renowned national and international customers, we set forward-looking impulses and new standards in intralogistics in terms of economic efficiency, performance and innovation.


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HÖRMANN Group Intralogistics - The future of intralogistics

HÖRMANN Intralogistics - The Future of Intralogistics

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HÖRMANN Intralogistics - News - positive business relationship leads to expansion order
 •  Newsmeldung

Expansion of the highly dynamic AutoStore® warehouse at geomix in Liezen

The positive business development of geomix GmbH and the convincing economic efficiency of the ...

Klatt Fördertechnik GmbH renamed HÖRMANN Klatt Conveyors GmbH
 •  Newsmeldung

"Klatt Fördertechnik GmbH" is now called "HÖRMANN Klatt Conveyors GmbH".

Our subsidiary "Klatt Fördertechnik GmbH" has been renamed "HÖRMANN Klatt Conveyors GmbH".

The ...

HÖRMANN Intralogistics - News - Deal F&B Microfullfilment and AutoStore plus conveyor technology
 •  Newsmeldung

Two in One - AutoStore® & Conveyor Technology in Use for Last Mile Logistics

Microfulfillment involves the lightning-fast delivery of consumer goods through smaller logistics ...