Our HiLIS warehouse management software brings all processes together, but only with a really close look into the subareas of the intralogistics process do all the other advantages become clear. The perfection of the overall process depends on every small step. Achieving systemic, all-encompassing optimisation means planning each of them down to the smallest detail. We’d like to shed some light on these for you in the paragraphs that follow.

Goods receipt - admission to system

The HiLIS processes goods receipt based on notifications from the ERP system. Through this process, incoming goods are entered into the system, generating technical data on the formation of loading units to be handled by staff

Our WMS distributes the goods for putaway in different storage areas according to flexible sets of rules. The automatic or manual putaway processes follow sophisticated putaway strategies that optimize warehouse volume utilization and significantly reduce retrieval and picking cycle times.

Load units are automatically identified and measured prior to storage in our automated storage systems and, if necessary, labelled accordingly. This process also includes plausibility checks to detect obvious errors in the goods receipt process at the earliest possible stage, and enable the appropriate response. Measurement prior to storage also contributes to maximum space-optimised use of all storage areas under management. Since space is one of the most important cost factors, every millimetre that can be utilized based on the Tetris principle means money saved.

Warehouse administration and inventory management

Our Warehouse Management System can be custom-made and tailored to your needs, and we can provide flexible solutions for both manual warehouse management and fully automated warehouse/material flow processes, like AutoStore® for example.

A particular advantage HiLIS is that it’s compatible with terminal devices (MDE, printers, wearables, forklift terminals, pick-by-voice, etc.) made by a wide range of manufacturers, which can connect to our WMS via flexible interfaces. We can even integrate the end devices used in your existing warehouse facilities, further increasing sustainability.

HiLIS warehouse management offers comprehensive management functions based on elementary inventory attributes, like batches, MHD and serial numbers. It is client-capable and can map the respective status in quality assurance. It supports any warehouse management strategy, like FIFO, LIFO, and FEFO, for example. All warehouse logistical transactions can be documented and archived, even for several years if necessary, permitting continuous traceability.

Replenishment management operates according to minimum stock target markers in all storage areas managed by the WMS. This way, the TARGET stocks are automatically monitored and, when stock falls below the parameterizable target marks, replenishment orders are automatically issued according to the corresponding sets of rules.

HÖRMANN Intralogistics - HiLIS - Warehouse Management System

Order processing and picking

The outbound path of goods from the warehouse begins with a retrieval or picking order. Our HiLIS warehouse management system can receive orders from an ERP system, a web store or a production control system (MES) for example, and initiate the corresponding processing. At this stage, order management can flexibly controlled according to type, priority, predefined staging and loading times, and the organisational processing areas available in the warehouse. To optimize the process, orders can even be split into smaller packages for distribution by a number of workers.

To meet individual requirements, order picking can be implemented based on a wide variety of combinable techniques, such as:


•   Person to the goods

•   Goods to person (optimised path)

•   Pick-by-robot

•   Pick-by-Voice

•   Pick-to/by-Light

•   Batch and wave picking

•   Multi-order picking

•   Multi-level picking

•   Negative picking

Process flows can be mapped on both stationary and mobile terminal devices. Items picked from the various storage areas for an order are collected in consolidation zones managed by the HiLIS.

This particular process is one of the key tasks of the WMS in order management, because it enables precisely timed dispatch of picking and retrieval orders to the various storage areas, so that all portions of an order promptly arrive in the consolidation at the same, ideal time. With intelligent algorithms and other fine-tuning controls customers can adjust by themselves, our HiLIS Warehouse Management System manages this task excellently.

HÖRMANN Intralogistics - HiLIS WMS

Packing and shipping

In terms of package generation and packing, HiLIS provides well-tried and tested process flows controlled by intuitive user interfaces, and flows can be mapped on both stationary and mobile devices. Our WMS is capable of covering all aspects typical of the packaging process, from booking into shipping boxes or onto large load carriers, to printing packing lists, delivery bills and shipping labels, and on to customer-specific packaging specifications and value-added services.


Truck loading control

Loading management is the central module of the HiLIS. In this module, truck tours can be managed or even compiled from individual customer orders, to initiate and subsequently control truck-specific loading. Sequenced retrieval from automatic high-bay warehouses or dispatch to manually operated loading zones is another key process, where trucks have to be loaded precisely to the unloading point according to a predefined sequence. The HiLIS Warehouse Management System controls loading and pallet accuracy, and provides workers with a wide range of control and help functions for error-free and rapid truck dispatch, like load carrier NVE scanning and large displays installed in the loading zones.

At this point, the goods leave the intralogistics system. All transactions up to this point, from the customer-specific reservation of goods to the completion of a truck tour load, are logged and archived in the warehouse management system. This ensures continuous traceability for each individual customer order.

Inventory in Warehouse Management

Inventory is an important part of intralogistics management, and our HiLIS warehouse management system permits continuous inventory management. Inventory changes detected by employees in the course of the logistics process are reported in real time to the higher-level ERP system, enabling maximum transparency. The system also supports periodic inventory procedures, like by-article and key date. The results can be displayed, stored and further processed in corresponding lists, and the inventory reported to the ERP system.


Optimized material flow control

The integrated HiLIS material flow control ensures efficient and synchronized transport order processing. Whether in the form of a stacker guidance system, an integrated AGV system or fully automatic control goods flow in automatic high-bay or small parts warehouses with connected conveyor technology, HiLIS stands for highly dynamic and flexible control of your material flows.

In automated warehouse systems, connection of PLC controls (also supplied by HÖRMANN Intralogistics) to the material flow control system is via a standard interface well-tried and tested in many customer facilities. In keeping with our credo: all you need from a single source.

HÖRMANN Intralogistics - HiLIS WMS
HÖRMANN Intralogistics - HiLIS WMS
HÖRMANN Intralogistics - HiLIS WMS
HÖRMANN Intralogistics - HiLIS WMS

Warehouse Management User Displays and Interfaces

One of the highest priorities of out Warehouse Management System is the user interface. To offer maximum efficiency and easy onboarding of new workers, all interfaces are designed for easy working dialogue. The HiLIS software offers optimal process monitoring, ergonomics and intuitive operation.

This also allows for central mapping, as well as access to all functional areas, enabling rapid diagnosis and reaction to any malfunction. The user interfaces can be mapped on both stationary and mobile devices.

HÖRMANN Intralogistics - HiLIS - Warehouse Management System

Maximum efficiency

This concerted interaction of all logistics sub-processes offers remarkable potential for optimising the entire intralogistics process. The possibility of connecting the WMS directly to external systems, like web stores or transport management systems (TMS), makes it possible to digitalise, automate and integrate intralogistics even further.

Our HiLIS Warehouse Management System saves space and time, and so reduces costs. Our Warehouse Management System offers enormous increases in intralogistics performance, especially in combination with automated storage, conveying and picking technology. We can develop the solution for your individual requirements, and custom build it as well, all from a single source. HiLIS makes your processes more efficient, clear, easy to plan and flexible, enabling you to react faster and better to change, and make life a lot easier for your staff.

HÖRMANN Intralogistics - HiLIS - Warehouse Management System

HÖRMANN Intralogistics with HiLIS - Your full-service provider

HÖRMANN Intralogistics operates as a general contractor in all intralogistics-related areas. We are constantly incorporating our comprehensive know-how and decades of experience in intralogistics into the development of our HiLIS-WMS. We’ve thought of everything, and offer you a mature WMS solution for planning, controlling and monitoring your intralogistics, with performance proven time and again in countless customer projects of all sizes.

Thanks to its modular, flexible structure and release-capable software architecture, HiLIS can grow as your company grows, and quickly adapt to the changing business scenario.

In other words: a modern, flexible and investment-proof solution for you and your company.


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