We cover a wide range of services in the area around your machinery and intralogistics equipment and offer our customers a complete services from a single source provider.

We specialise in processing machines for use in the automotive industry and its supply chain, as well as related industries, and have a well-coordinated service team with many years of experience in the field of machine technology under its belt. In addition to inspection services, we can also provide maintenance and repair services of all kinds. Even for complex intralogistics systems, we can provide full service, from construction to maintenance and modernisation.


Our services at a glance:


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HÖRMANN Intralogistics - Hydraulic assembly services

Hydraulic assemblies by the professionals

We lay and assemble hydraulic lines, carry out valve assemblies and are also available to customers for assembling complete systems. Our range of services also includes existing system modernisation. High productivity and efficiency demand ongoing optimisation. We can inspect your ageing hydraulic systems and, if necessary, are happy to modernise them for you.

Through our hydraulic system services, our customers get complete service for their systems from a single source provider. In addition to filter and line servicing, we also offer customers a hydraulic repair service for any kind of fault.


Our services at a glance

  • Hydraulic assembly
  • Faulty part replacement
  • Ageing systems modernisation
  • Hydraulic lines service (e.g. replacement of hose lines)
  • Filter control
  • Filter change service
  • Hydraulic fluid change
  • Choice of optimal operating medium
  • Hydraulic system bleeding
  • Hydraulic repairs


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Hydraulic assemblies and services from HÖRMANN Intralogistics:

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Pneumatic assemblies

We offer pneumatic assemblies from a single source provider. We can assemble pneumatic lines, valve assemblies as well as the complete pneumatic systems for our customers.

We are equaly happy to provide support in the modernisation of ageing systems. After a professional inspection of your old system, we can provide detailed recommendations about the possible and necessary modernisation works, and an individual quotation.

Using high-quality components from reputable manufacturers & partners, along with constant quality control in accordance with DIN ISO 9001, we guarantee our customers extraordinary levels of quality.


Our services at a glance

  • Pneumatic assemblies
  • Laying pneumatic lines
  • Valve assemblies
  • Pneumatic repairs
  • Pneumatic system modernisation
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Pneumatic line service (e.g. replacement of hose assemblies)
  • Pneumatic line assembly


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HÖRMANN Intralogistics - Pneumatic assembly services
HÖRMANN Intralogistics – Ball screw drive overhaul services

Gearbox Overhaul

Our range of services includes the repair and overhaul of trapezoidal and ball screw gears, lathes, milling and grinding machines.

After an overhaul by our experts, your machine tools will once again be capable of consistently high speeds, combined with an optimal level of precision.

For these services we draw on our many years of experience in the sector.

Thanks to constant quality control in accordance with DIN ISO 9001, we guarantee our customers consistent quality levels and reliability, to your net advantage.


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Spindle repair

We can repair, optimise or convert processing machinery motor spindles and external drive spindles. Take advantage of our experience, precision and quality!


Spindle repairs / spindle service

  • Belt spindles
  • Motor spindles
  • Milling and grinding machine main spindles
  • Grinding spindles
  • Lathe spindles
  • Ball screw spindles
HÖRMANN Intralogistics - Services Spindle repairs

Our repair service includes dismantling and inspection of the spindles, and full test reporting with cost estimates. Once the repair is approved, we replace or rework the faulty parts. Of course, all rotating parts are then finely balanced in accordance with ISO 1940. Following an intensive test run, we provide a test report containing all significant spindle values, such as radial and axial runout, bearing temperatures, motor temperature, vibration values, insulation test result and more.

We can repai spindles made by the following manufacturers Voumard, Fischer, Weisser, Omlat, GMN, Fortuna, Renaud, Precise, Perske, Jäger, Ibag, Heller, Hauser, Gamfior, Faemat, FAG, Bryant, Colombo, Deuschle, Blohm, SKF, Weiss, Kessler, Junker, UVA, TDM, HSD, StepTec, UKF, DMG, IMT, Jung and others.

As well as the following machine manufacturers - Mazak, Deckel Maho, Mitsubishi, Hermle, Voumard, Jung, Mikron, Vollmer, Huron, Forest, Chiron, Röders, HURCO, Weeke, HOMAG, IMA, Quaser, Bridgeport, Matec and others.


Our services at a glance

  • Spindle repairs / spindle service at the highest level
  • Maintenance contracts (maintenance contracts)
  • Spindle storage (service contracts)
  • DIN ISO 1940 balancing of tools, tool holders, fan wheels, spindle shafts, grinding mandrels, rotors, various parts up to 200 kg unit weight, with individual balancing protocol
  • On-site service - spindle installation and removal, spindle condition analysis (as part of preventive maintenance), vibration measurement, regrinding of SK/ISO tapers, fine balancing of complete spindles according to ISO 1940 (as part of process optimization)
  • Device service - Electrical installation and modification of converters, system cabinets and accessories


Take advantage of our consolidated experience in spindle repair!

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HÖRMANN Intralogistics - Telescopic covers

Telescopic cover general overhaul

Ever-increasing precision in industrial manufacturing means it’s essential to protect sensitive machine tools components, especially from dirt and dust. To ensure this, fully functional telescopic covers are needed. Within our group of companies, we offer a wide range of services related to telescopic covers for machine tools.


Telescopic cover general overhaul

Our service team can provide provides proper general overhaul services for the telescopic covers of all kinds of machine - including those made by foreign manufacturers. We can also eliminate design flaws and select the best types of seal and guide strips, to round off our service.

We check the condition and function of all bushings and bolts as part of the plate and shear tong reconditioning service. Defective elements are replaced professionally, to guarantee perfect functionality after overhaul. The segment plates of your telescopic covers are cleaned, degreased as well as ground.

Dent removal and straightening of the segments is also part of our range of services.


General overhaul of telescopic covers by the following manufacturers

Beakbane, GeKaTec, Halltech, HCR, HEMA, Henning, Kabelschlepp, K.H. Thissen, P.E.I. Srl, Raumag Janich, SEMA, Sermeto, WEMA, Willi Fent


Telescopic covers emergency repair

As part of our services, our team is available for emergency repairs to telescopic covers within 24h. Just call us!


Our services at a glance

  • General overhaul of telescopic covers
  • Telescopic covers repair
  • Design defect elimination
  • Segmental plates, bushings and bolts overhaul
  • Fabrication and replacement of brass conductors and strips
  • Sealing lip replacement
  • Retaining profiles replacement
  • Emergency repairs within 24h
  • Individual repair contracts (maintenance contracts)


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