With individual, creative multi-solution intralogistics systems, we implement efficient and future-proof material flow solutions for various industries. We design and combine automated high-bay warehouses, tray and small parts/light goods warehouses, AutoStore® systems and picking systems specifically for your requirements to ensure maximum productivity for our customers.

Depending on the industry, volume, product characteristics, range, logistics property and required throughput, we can recommend and install the right autonomous solution for you. As a general contractor, we bear overall responsibility for implementation and are at your side with a single point of contact from planning to commissioning.

The overall system is integrated with HiLIS, our modular warehouse management system. HiLIS manages, controls and monitors all material flow processes online and ensures maximum transparency and system availability in all functional areas. Energy optimization with HiLIS Eco-Powermanagement.


The advantages of multi-solution intralogistics systems

  • Increased storage capacity and throughput with one overall system through automation - even with different product groups
  • Digitalization and acceleration of processes
  • Compensating for the shortage of skilled workers
  • Just-in-time and just-in-sequence supply of production and order picking
  • Consolidation of different warehouses, goods sizes and handling speeds at a few space-saving, ergonomic picking workstations
  • A warehouse management system for the entire material flow including Kanban material replenishment

Multi-solution project comprising an automated high-bay warehouse and AutoStore System® for the new logistics center at iDM Energiesysteme GmbH in Matrei

The iDM Group is Austria's largest manufacturer of heating heat pumps. Over 400 employees develop, produce and sell over 10,000 heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water every year. iDM has made a name for itself with its development expertise and numerous innovations.

The intelligent iDM energy manager "Navigator 2.0" controls the heat pump, uses weather forecasts to adjust heat demand and solar power yields, learns the heating and cooling behaviour of individual rooms and optimizes running times by calling up electricity prices on an hourly basis. In this way, iDM makes a significant contribution to the energy transition with efficient and clean heat for generations.


HÖRMANN Intralogistics - IDM


AutoStore® warehouse High-bay warehouse
  • 16,000 bins
  • 9 robots
  • 10 charging stations
  • 1 carousel workstation
  • 4 conveyor workstations
  • 3-aisle
  • 3 storage and retrieval machines with telescopic forks
  • 9,324 pallet storage locations




iDM Energiesysteme GmbH | Matrei, Tyrol | Reference film

Large and small parts handling with HRL, AGV, production connection and AutoStore® system at HASCO

In 85 years, HASCO Hasenclever GmbH und Co. KG has developed from a craft business into a globally successful industrial company that supplies high-precision products for tool and mold making. To keep pace with this growth, they commissioned HÖRMANN Intralogistics to build a high-bay warehouse in Lüdenscheid in 2012, followed by the addition of an AutoStore® system in 2022.

  • The delivered raw panels are transported from the incoming goods area to the cutting line. An AGV driverless transport system distributes the pre-cut panels, which are placed on HASCO pallets, between cutting, high-bay warehouse, processing and dispatch.

  • At the high-bay warehouse, the pallets, stacked up to 3 high, are transferred from the AGV to the conveyor, unstacked and transferred to the storage and retrieval machine (SRM) for storage. During pallet retrieval, the pallets are automatically stacked again and transported via the AGV either for processing or shipping.

  • For the small parts, the dynamic AutoStore® system was subsequently installed at HASCO. Up to 144 storage and 720 retrieval operations per hour can be carried out at four Carousel workstations.

  • Warehouse management and control for the entire handling of large and small parts is handled by the tried-and-tested HÖRMANN Intralogistics Warehouse Management System HiLIS, which communicates with the on-site HOST via an SAP interface.
Hasco logo


AutoStore® warehouse High-bay warehouse
  • 14,000 bins
  • 20 robots
  • 4 carousel workstations
  • One-aisle
  • One storage and retrieval machine with connecting conveyor technology
  • FTS serve pallets
  • 3,120 pallet storage locations




HRL single-aisle with Hasco
AutoStore at Hasco
HRL storage and retrieval bin
AGV with pallet stack

Fully automated multi-solution storage system at heat pump manufacturer Hoval spol. s r.o. in Slovakia

The renowned international heat pump supplier Hoval spol. s r.o. is increasing its capacities due to high demand with a fully automated storage system consisting of a pallet high-bay warehouse, conveyor technology and AutoStore® small parts warehouse. HÖRMANN Intralogistics was able to convince with its concept and is implementing the system in Slovakia as general contractor.

The plant in Istebnè, SK follows two current trends: On the one hand, HÖRMANN Intralogistics has already received its third order in the trend sector of heat pumps, which is experiencing an enormous upswing due to climate change and environmental protection targets. Secondly, fully automated multi-solution systems are increasingly being built in order to further optimize the degree of automation.



The storage system combines two different systems for large and small parts intralogistics. The centerpiece is a three-aisle pallet high-bay warehouse in silo design.


An Autostore® system is being built parallel to the high-bay warehouse. This offers space for 3,000 containers. The material flow of the complex multi-solution solution is controlled and monitored by the HiLIS Warehouse Management System, which synchronizes the two automated storage areas and optimizes material flows for combined picking workstations.

HÖRMANN Intralogistics - Hoval


High-bay warehouse
AutoStore® warehouse
  • 3-aisle
  • 3 storage and retrieval machines with
    double-deep telescopic forks
  • 3,000 bins
  • 3 robots
  • 3 conveyor ports


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