When developing automation solutions for fast-moving business areas, it is essential that the systems perfectly adapt to the intralogistics processes and infrastructures. With our partner, CAJA Robotics, we’ve developed an innovative approach using modern software, specifically developed robots that operate according to the goods-to-person principle, user-friendly workstations and solutions for integrating an existing WMS or the in-house HiLIS WMS.


The advantages at a glance

  • More efficient order picking
  • Reduced order errors and increased inventory security
  • Reduced walking distances and manpower
  • Robot and cloud software-assisted, AI-based, fully automated order fulfilment
  • Scalable, modular architecture which responds lightning fast to order peaks or drops
  • Flexibly adaptable shelf structures as new lines of business emerge
  • Use of own bins possible
  • Simple commissioning

All you need to know about Caja transport and lifting robotics


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What is Caja?

Caja's transport and lifting robots handle goods-to-person logistics. In this configuration items from a picking warehouse are delivered with bins or pallets on software-controlled, intelligent robots. After the items have been removed from the storage location, the bins or pallets, either empty or filled with remaining items, are transported back to the warehouse and sorted there.

Starting on the German, Austrian and Swiss market, the partnership of the two companies focuses on the closest cooperation in order to offer and realize smart warehouse solutions. With the innovative and intelligent warehouse technology from Caja Robotics, HÖRMANN Intralogistics is further expanding its portfolio. The Caja Robotics solutions are designed to meet the special demands of highly dynamic warehouse processes. A particular advantage is that the Caja Robotics application

Our Partner

The partnership between the two companies, which began on the German, Austrian and Swiss markets, focuses on the closest possible cooperation to offer and implement smart warehouse solutions. With Caja Robotics’ innovative and intelligent warehouse technology, HÖRMANN Intralogistics continues to expand its portfolio.

Caja Robotics solutions are designed to meet the particular demands of highly dynamic warehouse processes. One particular advantage is that Caja Robotics applications are very flexible and scalable with high goods throughput. They can be easily implemented and adapted to the customers' existing frameworks, and offer immediate benefits coupled with our highly efficient, customised warehouse systems.

The solution in detail

Robots working together

The transport and lifting robots are connected to the backend via radio. Sensors determine their position and detect obstacles or interference. Using software, hardware, and sensors, they interact with their environment to maximise the output of the fulfilment process.


4D navigation

The robots are controlled by cloud-based, decentralised software with multi-layered algorithms. This guarantees the success not only individual isolated tasks, but optimisation of the entire warehouse operation as well . Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, the solution continually adapts to the conditions.


In certain processes, the robots make their own decisions without software commands. Aided by sensors, for example, they can react to events in the queue during order picking.


To adapt to different industrial sectors, Caja robots are designed to operate in all temperatures, for example in cold storage for food. In sterile cleanrooms, automated transport robots offer great advantages.

WMS integration

Caja software seamlessly integrates with HiLIS and other existing WMS solutions, enabling accurate and time-optimised flow of goods.

Swarm management

The cloud-, algorithm- and AI-based software ensure continuous order, bin and fleet management of all robots located on the warehouse floor.

Ergonomic workstations

While being extremely automated, Caja Robotics nevertheless still depend on human-machine interaction. The fleet is equipped with user-friendly workstations, for performing tasks like inbound processes, replenishment organisation, returns, or bin consolidation.

Shelf adapter

The system includes Shelf Adapter Units (SAU) that simplify processes, eliminate decanting and extend bin life.

HÖRMANN INtralogistics - Caja Transport- Lifting Robotics
Robot Sprynter - transport robot with fast movements (2m/s), 8h battery life and 30kg load capacity. For picking operations, horizontal warehouse optimization and inventory validation (dimensions: 840 x 415 mm, 55kg).
HÖRMANN Intralogistics - Caja Transport- Lifting Robotics
Robot Skyler - lifting robot with medium speed (1.5 m/s), 6 h battery life and 30kg load capacity. Allows lifting up to warehouse racks at heights of up to 320m. For refill and return operations and vertical warehouse optimization (dimensions: 1300 x 850 mm, 350 kg).
HÖRMANN Intralogistics - Caja Transport- Lifting Robotics
PackCheck workstation - At the end of the picking process, the transport robots bring ordered goods to workstations with monitors, sorting walls. Put-to-Light systems and agronomic systems. There, the goods are transferred from machine to employee for packing and shipping.
HÖRMANN Intralogistics - Caja Transport- Lifting Robotics
Shelving Adapter Units (SAUs) - rail system for existing shelving. Easy installation on multiple shelving systems, adapts to different container shapes and sizes. Decanting (decanting in the receiving process) is minimized.

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