Innovative e-grocery solutions for efficient storage and picking, especially for chilled and non-chilled products, are in high demand due to the rapid growth of online grocery. HÖRMANN Intralogistics specializes in the development of customized material handling systems that integrate high-bay storage, small parts storage (AutoStore), conveyor technology and warehouse management to meet hygiene and temperature requirements. We guarantee a comprehensive solution, from design to support, and serve as an overall reliable partner in the changing e-grocery sector.

Under the term e-grocery - or online supermarket - all online purchases are summarized, which belong to the goods of the classic food trade. This includes both food and non-food items. A particular challenge is the parallel storage and picking of refrigerated and non-refrigerated goods. E-grocery has achieved high growth rates in recent years, accelerated by the pandemic, and is expected to reach a market share of about 30% in 2030, according to forecasts.

For e-grocery fulfillment center operators, fast and cost-efficient picking plays a crucial role, because the final order phase from the e-grocery provider to the customer accounts for a significant share of total costs. In addition, the e-grocery idea thrives on easy click shopping and prompt delivery to the door. To meet these factors, automation of warehousing and picking processes is required.

Advantages of e-grocery solutions from HÖRMANN Intralogistics

  • Over 35 years of intralogistics know-how
  • Renowned food references and realization examples
  • We assemble and combine custom solutions, selecting from our extensive portfolio
  • Hardware and software from a single source
  • Single point of contact for the entire project timeline,  from conception to commissioning
  • Lifecycle Support 24/7

Combined refrigeration and room temperature e-grocery micro-fulfillment solution for flaschenpost

The online supermarket flaschenpost went online with its instant delivery service in 2016 and today delivers food, beverages and everyday products to more than 200 cities in Germany. Over 20,000 employees currently ensure that the promise of "delivery within 120 minutes" is fulfilled from over 30 warehouse locations. At the location in Langenfeld (Rhineland), HÖRMANN Intralogistics for the first time built a micro-fulfillment solution with two combined AutoStore® systems, connecting conveyor technology as well as the necessary cooling system in an existing property.

Refrigerated and non-refrigerated goods with up to 9,500 container tenders per day

For the innovative design of the AutoStore® system, the different temperature zones "ambient" and "chilled" were combined in the planning of HÖRMANN Intralogistics in order to pick dry and chilled goods from both systems for one order.

The scope of supply includes the complete enclosure of the chilled system as well as the cooling technology to operate the system at 2°C. A specially adapted cooling system ensures minimal leakage during operation and optimal energy efficiency.

In its current configuration, the system is calculated for circa 1.000 container tenders per hour, but offers further growth possibilities in performance and storage space capacity. Approx. 100 m of connecting bin conveyor technology is installed for the delivery and removal of empty or order bins at the picking stations. This results in up to 12,000 articles per day which are handed over to the flaschenpost delivery drivers.

In the meantime, HÖRMANN Intralogistics has already received the order for a second micro-fulfillment project at a new logistics location of the online delivery service.

flaschenpost logo


AutoStore® "Chilled" Autostore "Ambient"

AutoStore® system for refrigerated goods


  • Approximately 6,400 AutoStore bins
  • 14 "Red-Line" robots
  • 8 Conveyor ports for storage and picking
  • Chilled system enclosure and refrigeration to operate the system at 2°C.


AutoStore® system for dry goods

  • Approx. 7,500 bins
  • 19 "Red-Line" robots
  • 6 carousel ports and 2 conveyor ports for storage and retrieval
  • Two-part conveyor system for container tendering and removal
  • Comprehensive steel construction



flaschenpost van
flaschenpost AutoStore System 3D Preview

Cooled cheese specialties in new AutoStore® system boasting multi-order picking and connecting conveyor technology at Heiderbeck

Heiderbeck GmbH in Olching, Bavaria, is a successful distribution company in the German market for high-quality cheese specialties and refrigerated delicatessen products. For the storage of cheese specialties, HÖRMANN Intralogistics has built an AutoStore® system with the customized warehouse management system HiLIS AS and multi-order picking stations in an existing, cooled warehouse and expanded it during a consecutive expansion project.

At the five multi-order picking ports, employees pick specialty cheeses from the AutoStore® source containers, then follow the put-to-light displays, place them in up to four end customer shipping containers, and finally enter a receipt of the picking process directly into the put-to-light system. Stationary barcode scanners and destination bin locations with integrated rollers facilitate multi-order picking at the picking stations.

The shipping containers reach the palletization in the neighboring hall via the conveyor system, which was also built by HÖRMANN Intralogistics. To meet the food requirements, the AutoStore containers are constantly cleaned via two transfer cells.

The omniscient HÖRMANN Intralogistics Warehouse Management System HiLIS AS is directly connected to the customer HOST. It manages the AutoStore® warehouse and controls put-to-light picking orders as well as container management via transfer cells. The HiLIS AS visualization function enables staff to access all plant data and events at a glance.

Heiderbeck Logo


autostore system material flow
  • Single-double grid for a capacity of 15,700 containers
  • 51 robots and 40 charging stations from the "Red Line" series.
  • 9 Carousel ports version 4
  • 3 Conveyor ports version 4
  • 2 transfer cells
  • Service platform with stairs
  • Warehouse Management System "HiLIS AS"
  • Connecting conveyor technology


Heiderbeck Picking
Heiderbeck cheese specialties
Heiderbeck outlet

Referenzvideo AutoStore bei Heiderbeck

HÖRMANN Intralogistics offers ideal cutting-edge material flow solution for the growing e-grocery market, as well as for food and non-food online suppliers.

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